The Importance of Holding a Funeral Service

When experiencing the death of someone you love, holding a funeral service in their honor allows you to fill several important needs for yourself and for your family. Funerals help us to acknowledge and accept that someone we love has passed, while allowing us to say our goodbyes. Today, many experts agree that friends and family members benefit greatly from holding a funeral service. It’s never easy to experience the death of someone you care about, but surrounding yourself with the right support and guidance will help you and your family get through this difficult time. 

The caregivers at Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service make it a priority to provide your family with compassionate service as we remember and celebrate those who have passed on. Understanding the importance of holding a funeral service will allow the healing process to begin. 

A Memorial Service Will Help You


  • Pay Tribute


A funeral service devotes tribute to honor the person’s life. Along with honoring, it helps family members acknowledge the death and seek support within each other during this emotional time.


  • Begin Grieving


A memorial service helps friends and family come to terms with the reality of death. Sometimes the funeral is when it truly feels real that the person is gone. This is the first step towards starting the grieving process. 


  • Find Support


A funeral allows friends and family members to join together and express the shared love they had for the person. Support is offered among the attendees and can bring a sense of hope and togetherness for those left behind. 


  • Express Feelings


Hosting a funeral service for your loved one is a chance to say your final goodbye. This closure is something many seek and need to continue the grieving process. This is an opportunity to express beliefs and feelings. 

A Time for Celebration 

Hosting a homegoing or funeral service is an opportunity to celebrate the life lived and remembering the positive impact they left on Earth. Take this time to rejoice their life, sharing uplifting memories and stories with those who remain. Hosting a homegoing is a chance to offer prayers of comfort, sing their favorite hymns, and express condolences and support to survivors. Take advantage of a funeral service to remember the best memories. 

Diehl-Whittaker is a funeral service in Columbus, Ohio who makes every effort to reflect the quality of your loved one’s life. 

The care your family deserves, at a cost your family can afford. 

Contact us today for burial packages, cremation packages, and pre-planning forms. 

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