Coping With a Loss During the Holidays

Spending time with those you love most is what the holidays are all about. While gathering around the table for Thanksgiving, carrying on yearly traditions, or drinking hot chocolate while enjoying family movie night, you may find yourself feeling still grieving the loss of a loved one. There is no right way to grieve. It’s not an orderly process, as every person and every family grieves differently. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to feel these emotions, and it’s natural to experience them all over again during the holidays. Use this as a time to learn how to cope with a loss during the holidays in a healthy manner. Consider practicing these strategies this holiday season. 

Start a new tradition

What is one tradition your family does every year? Perhaps it’s gathering in the kitchen and everyone making their own pie, or seeing a movie the day after Christmas. Whatever your yearly holiday tradition is, consider making a new one! Of course, you can still keep your old traditions, but adding something new will help you feel enlightened and thankful. 

Express your needs

Family members who are still grieving may find it difficult in participating in family functions. It’s common for those grieving to seclude themselves in isolation. Remember, it’s perfectly fine to take a day to yourself if you are feeling too much to participate in a holiday tradition. Express this to family members, but remember to still allow their support and love to shine through.

Volunteer in your community

Participating in community service or volunteering may help boost your mood. Research local charitable or religious organizations that are seeking help. This could be a homeless shelter or local food bank. Or, consider making a donation to an organization your deceased loved one has always cherished. 

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