Save Money with Cremation Pre-Planning

One of the hardest conversations to have with yourself and your loved ones is planning for a funeral. It is not a topic that is easy to discuss because there are lots of options to consider. Some people will be open to discussing it and know exactly what they want. Others are hesitant or not ready to discuss plans and this makes it harder to pre-plan for end-of-life services. Families benefit when a loved one can prepare in advance so there is no question they are receiving the services they desire in the end, while also saving money in the long-run. Find out why cremation pre-planning can help save money. 

Pre-Planning Saves Money

Although people are not always willing to pre-plan for their funeral, most have some idea of what they want or don’t want. It is a matter of getting it in writing and noting their preferences that can be a challenge. The financial benefits of making this decision may include:

  • Saving for future inflation of costs (funeral expenses are growing rapidly year on year)
  • Guaranteed peace of mind for the family left behind
  • Eliminating burden on loved ones when they least expect it and are least able to manage those decisions
  • Supports better cost-savings in the future for a family who does not have to bear the burden of burial fees on top of their loss
  • Receiving exact wishes in the end

Full cremation services afforded to people often come at a lower cost than traditional burial services. Knowing how to plan and prepare offers a better outcome for everyone involved that is left to grieve in the wake of loss.

Service Planning

Cremation services that are planned ahead can allow room for lots of different options. People may not realize that cremation does not mean a service cannot take place. The opposite is actually true. With pre-planning, you get to decide what feels right, whether it is a traditional service before a cremation or after. If the remains are buried in a cemetery plot, you may wish to do a graveside ceremony. Spending time pondering it now can provide peace of mind for everyone when the time comes.

Considerations for Family

One of the harder parts of planning ahead for funerals is knowing you will not be around. The planning is for the family left behind once you are gone to help them organize and create a memorial for everyone to celebrate together. Although they are tough decisions, the choices are yours to make about what will be best and most financially feasible. As decisions get made, the actual costs can become known, which may vary somewhat from place to place but will likely remain static no matter what funeral home is chosen. Choosing to pay now can save money later and bring peace of mind to those left behind to mourn. Pre-planning is a great step towards organizing all the logistics now so it will not have to be done later. 

The realities of end-of-life planning can become overwhelming. Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service is here to come alongside you as those decisions are made in the pre-planning stages. If you or a loved one want to pre-plan for cremation or burial services, or need help with planning a memorial, call us: (614) 258-9549

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