How to File an Official Death Certificate

Following the death of a loved one, you may find it difficult to properly cope. Everyone experiences the impact of death differently. Start by finding healthy ways to cope, whether this includes seeking a grief counselor or being proactive with self-care. Although a loss will impact you on a deep, emotional level, there are steps that you will need to legally take care of, including filing an official death certificate. Learn how to correctly file an official death certificate. 

Filing an Official Death Certificate

A death certificate usually costs between $40-$50, and depending on the state you reside in, must be filed within 10 days following the death. It’s important to follow each step carefully to ensure everything is correctly documented.

Main Step: Contact the Funeral Home

The first step to filing an official death certificate is to contact the funeral home that is overseeing the funeral services. Information you will need to give the funeral home includes:

  • Full name and address 
  • Birth date and birth place
  • Social Security 
  • Occupation at time of death
  • Marital status, name of the surviving spouse 
  • Place of burial 
  • Name and birth place of parents
  • Cause of death along with date, time and place
  • Education
  • Veteran’s discharge (if qualify) 

Ask for Copies of Official Death Certificate

Although this information is securely filed in the funeral home, it’s never a bad thing to ask for copies of the paperwork. Death certificates are often needed for insurance purposes, settling estate, or other legal duties. 


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