Honoring Catholic Funeral and Burial Traditions

A catholic funeral service is a time to pay respect to family members and the deceased, along with trusting they are in God’s hands. A number of specifics go into planning a catholic funeral service, as they also include beautiful rituals and traditions. To receive a traditional catholic funeral, one must be confirmed and baptised as Catholic. However, exceptions can be made for those who were Catholics in training, and children who were not yet baptised but whose parents had plans for them to be.  

Recognizing Catholic Funeral Traditions

Catholic Funeral Wake 

Many factors go into a catholic funeral service, from planning the burial, to scheduling the mass and wake that follows. Prior to the funeral, many include a vigil or a wake for the deceased. These services typically take place the evening before the funeral, or the morning of the service. This is a time for family members and close friends to say their goodbyes to the deceased, along with showing respect for the survivors. 

Catholic Funeral Mass

Almost all catholic funerals include a mass service, where the priest will provide a special time of worship for the loving departed. These prayers are used to ask God for a safe passage into the afterlife. This is also a time where the priest, along with three family members, offer readings of pre-selected passages from the Bible. During this mass, holy water is sprinkled onto the casket of the departed. While holy water rests on the casket, it’s common to also place a pall on the casket with an entry possession while singing songs of farewell.

Catholic Burial Traditions

Following the completion of mass, friends and family members will then be escorted to the location of the burial. Once on site, the priest will share prayers that are related to the Catholic burial ritual, such as committing the soul to God.

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