Collecting Veterans Benefits after a Death Occurs

Family members may find it difficult to think clearly after losing a loved one. Daily tasks may get pushed aside as the grieving process begins. Remember to take time for yourself while accepting love and support from friends and family to get through this difficult chapter in life. Experiencing the death of a loved one is never easy, but it’s important to make sure surviving family members review paperwork to see if they qualify for any benefits left behind, including veteran benefits. Most family members of a veteran are not entitled to monetary benefits, however there are a few incidences where one may qualify.


Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Benefits

A surviving spouse of a verteran, along with children under the age of 18, may be entitled to compensation payments. Factors that play into this include:

  • If the veteran passed while in service 
  • If the veteran passed from a service related injury
  • If the veteran receive Veterans Administration compensation for a service related disability 


Wartime Service Pension

If the deceased veteran’s spouse or single child makes below a certain income, they may qualify for pension following the death. For this to be implemented, the veteran must have either been discharged from service due to dishonorable conditions, or served at least 90 days of active duty with one day during war time. 


Burial Allowance

Given the circumstances, survivors of a veteran may receive a reimbursement for the veteran’s funeral cost. Family members often receive burial allowance if:

  • The verteran passed from a service related injury
  • The veteran was receiving a pension at the time of death
  • The veteran passed while in a Veterans Administration nursing home 

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