The Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services

The Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services

Today, more people are recognizing that planning a funeral in advance of need demonstrates love and consideration toward their family members. It may be difficult for you to think about, but it is a thoughtful decision that reduces both the financial and emotional stress when death occurs. There are a number of benefits to pre-arranging your funeral service, such as relieving your family from the decision-making pressure at a time of anguish and confusion. This allows them to use this time to honor your love and life. At Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Services, we offer a funeral pre-planning service where you can discuss your needs and how we might fulfill them.  

Why Pre-Plan a Funeral Service?

There are a few beneficial reasons to pre-planning your funeral. Some may feel the need to plan ahead due to no family members being capable of making the decisions. Others may hold definite preferences regarding the funeral service, such as the style of their casket and setup. Pre-planning a funeral brings the security of knowing there will be adequate funds to cover the funeral expenses. Most importantly, pre-arrangement guarantees that rational decisions can be made ahead of time without the usual urgencies when death takes place.

How Do I Pre-Plan My Funeral?

By pre-arranging, you and your family can discuss, in advance and without pressure, what type of funeral service best suits your personal wishes. When working with Diehl-Whittaker, we begin the process with an online form where you then choose which services you would like to learn more about. We can discuss funeral insurance, payment options, wills, veterans benefits, and more.

Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Pre-arranging eliminates second-guessing, and reduces the possibility of emotional family disagreements about what your preferences are. You will be assured that what you want will be carried out as planned.



Diehl-Whittaker is a funeral service in Columbus, Ohio who makes every effort to reflect the quality of your loved one’s life.

The care your family deserves, at a cost your family can afford. Contact us today for burial packages, cremation packages, and pre-planning forms.

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