Personalizing a Memorial Service for your Family

Memorial services and funeral services serve a number of purposes. They give us a chance to say our goodbyes, while offering a place for friends and family to gather during this hard moment. We often think to follow death with mourning and grief. One is bound to feel sorrow for losing a loved one, but you can have a memorial funeral service that celebrates the person’s life rather than focusing on sadness. By holding a personalized memorial service for your family, you are remembering the beautiful life this person lived and memories they have shared.

Showing Your Love

Many families are now choosing to personalize their loved one’s funeral service to ensure the true essence of their life is able to shine through. The personal touches you add to the memorial funeral service will make the moment more special, and is a very touching way to express the love you hold for them. The memorial service is a time for everyone to express their affection and remember the life they of the deceased. Take advantage of personalizing a memorial service for the dearly departed soul. This may include playing their favorite hymns or songs in their honor, or reading from a script that reminds you of their purpose on Earth.

Create a Warm Environment

Include photos the whole family cherishes to create a warm environment during the funeral service. Playing a slideshow full of favorite memories is a great way to find joy in the past and know they are at peace, having lived a joyous life. Surrounding them with their favorite flowers and photos creates a memorable service where love and memories were shared.

A personalized memorial or funeral service is a great way to pay tribute to your loved one. Consider encouraging the rest of the family members to provide their inputs to create a truly special service, remembering the one you have lost.

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