Documentation to Have in Place Before Your Death

More and more individuals are making the decision to pre-plan their funeral. This lifts the stress and worry off of family members following the death and allows them to begin the grieving process peacefully. Pre-planning your funeral is the perfect opportunity to also gather documents needed before your death. Putting affairs in order typically requires the gathering of documents regarding financial, medical, and legal matters, plus any other important information needed to close out the deceased’s affairs. If documents are not gathered, family members are then left stressing and searching for the necessary documents themselves. Have these documentations in place before your death to ease the burden on your loved ones.

Necessary Documents

Having these necessary documents in place before death will save your family members a great deal of stress.


  • A Will. A will, or testament is a legal document by which the deceased shares their wishes as to how to divide their assets.
  • A Living Will. A living will is a statement explaining a person’s wishes regarding their medical treatment in a situation where they can no longer express consent.
  • A Power of Attorney. A power of attorney ensures there is a trusted person to handle all financial and legal matters on the deceased’s behalf.


Helpful Documents

Although not essential, taking time to gather these helpful documents is also suggested.

  • Bank account information (credit cards, debit cards)
  • Medical insurance information
  • Life insurance information
  • Car insurance information
  • Mortgages
  • Utility account information
  • Subscriptions
  • Account Passwords

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