Common Myths About Planning a Funeral

More and more individuals are including pre-planning their funeral while gathering their wills and estate plans. Funerals are often something most people do not like to consider until life circumstances forces them to do so. The caregivers of Diehl-Whittaker funeral home highly advise pre-planning your funeral, as there are a number of benefits that follow. Don’t let the common myths about planning a funeral make you feel hesitant. There are many families that can benefit from the financial and emotional security that pre-planning a funeral brings. 

Myth: Death is too difficult to talk about.

Many avoid the topic of death. It’s assumed the topic is too difficult to discuss. However, planning a funeral can bring the family a sense of peace. When a funeral is pre-planned, every detail and financial aspect is handled in advance. 

Following the death, family members will have time to grieve and share support without the emotional stress of arranging a funeral. Gather loved ones to determine a time to have this important discussion. Start the conversation by stating the importance of pre-planning a funeral, such as making things easier for the entire family in the future as they respect your wishes. 

Myth: Why talk about death when it’s so far away?

Unfortunately, we never know when death will occur. Discussing funeral arrangements with death is present is much more challenging, as thoughts are not processed clearly. Mentioning the subject of death earlier in life makes the conversation easier and not as heavy, as there is still distance from the reality of death. Plus, talking about death earlier in life mentally prepares the family. This means the funeral service can turn into a celebration of life rather than an event of mourning.

Myth: There’s no need to pre-plan a funeral if I’m financially secure.

Although financial aspects are an important part of pre-planning a funeral, which saves family members the stress of finding funds, cost isn’t the only factor. Arranging a funeral in advance ensures all final wishes are met. This means having the opportunity to choose your preferred funeral service, such as burial or cremation, the type of casket, and any other desires you wish to include. 


Diehl-Whittaker is a funeral service in Columbus, Ohio who makes every effort to reflect the quality of your loved one’s life. 

The care your family deserves, at a cost your family can afford. Contact us today for burial packages, cremation packages, and pre-planning assistance.

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