Celebrating the Birthday of a Loved One Who Has Passed

Birthdays are often a day spent celebrating another year of life with those close to you. For a moment typically filled with happiness, it’s never easy to think of the day this person will no longer be there to celebrate. But, how do you celebrate the birthday of a loved one who has passed? Many people wonder how they can memorialize their loved one on their special day, especially without dredging up difficult feelings. Explore these ideas for remembering the happy times and honoring your loved one on their birthday. 

Gather Friends and Family 

The idea of celebrating the birthday of someone who has passed may seem odd to some, but for others it is a way to bring friends and family close together on this recognizable day and remember the departed in a positive way. Gather those who were close and host a big, small, intimate, or elaborate party...there are no rules! If your loved one was known for hosting weekend barbecues or football parties, consider having a cookout in honor of their birthday. This is a day devoted to remembrance and celebration. 

Cook Their Favorite Food

Another option for celebrating the birthday of a loved one who has passed is to invite family over and enjoy their favorite meal. Perhaps they loved Sunday dinners with homemade chicken and noodle soup. Making this dish in honor of them on their is a great way for your family to celebrate. 

Share Memories and Favorite Moments

It’s natural to feel a heavy heart surrounding the days of a passed loved one’s birthday. Asking friends and family members to share their favorite memory will bring up forgotten stories and allow everyone to share laughs. Review family photos and videos to chuckle at times gone by. Don’t rule out all possibilities of having moments of laughter when celebrating and remembering your loved one. It’s okay to set aside time for sadness, but don’t forget to leave room for joy. This is a special day and it should be celebrated! 

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