Advice for Families on Finding Comfort While Grieving

Whether it was an unexpected death or a result of illness, we all experience different levels of grief when a family member or close friend passes. It’s natural to go through a wave of emotions feeling hints of sadness, denial, resentment, and acceptance all at once. There is no ‘right’ way to go through the grieving process. However, there are a few approaches that can help you find comfort while grieving your loss. 

Connect With Others

It’s common while grieving for some folks to disconnect from friends and family members who offer support. No matter how strongly you feel the urge to dissociate, it’s important to connect with others and share the process in order to find relief from the loneliness of grief. Make it a point to keep yourself open to the love and support that family members are offering you, but don’t be afraid to seek extra support through a third-party. There a number of support groups with individuals who are facing the same life experience as you. Connecting with others who are familiar with the loss you are feeling can often provide comfort during your grief and help you make sense of the change. 

Explore Your Interests

Remember to take time for your sadness and allow yourself to truly feel your emotions. These emotions help with the healing process, but don’t let them fully engulf your life any longer than needed. Consider slowly exploring your interests again to engage in life. If it’s too painful to tackle your interests shared with your loved one, try finding a new and exciting hobby, anything to give you something new to do. Developing new interests are a great way to give your mind a rest and distract yourself. There are many activities to try, such as:

  • Cooking class
  • Yoga 
  • Hiking
  • Book club 
  • Art class 
  • Volunteering 
  • Sports and Exercise

Consider Counseling 

Many find comfort in seeing a professional grief counselor or other licensed mental health professional. Wondering if you would benefit from a grief counselor? This is a great coping mechanism for those who are struggling with intense emotions who find it difficult to cope with the loss. If seeking professional help in-person does not spark your interest, consider exploring online counseling options. 

Conversations with a pastor or religious leader are another form of counseling that can provide you and your family with a deeper understanding, and ultimately acceptance. Many churches host support groups for grief as well, bringing the congregation together to support those who have said goodbye to loved ones.

Take Care of Yourself

Through all of the funeral arrangements, emotions, and outside support, it’s important to take care of yourself along the way. Comforting yourself can be one of the most nourishing ways of managing grief. A few simple ways you can do this are:

  • Take a warm bath
  • Make your bed 
  • Sit outside for Vitamin D 
  • Gentle exercise (yoga, evening walks)
  • Reach out for support


When we’re wrapped up in our feelings, we can sometimes neglect our own health and wellbeing. Be sure to take good care of yourself and take the time you need to process your feelings. Saying goodbye is a sad necessity of this life, but we all deal with it differently, and each of us deserves however much time we need to process.


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