How to Talk to Loved Ones About Your Final Wishes

 It can be difficult for families to discuss the topic of death. Although it may bring a wave of emotions, having a conversation about death and your final wishes should be had with those close to you. Family members should be prepared on how to handle your arrangements and know what to expect when the time comes. This will ease the stress and worry off your family during an already difficult time. Here are some tips on how to talk to loved ones about your final wishes, ensuring your funeral arrangements go smoothly and worry-free. 

Make Family Members Aware of Your Plan

The conversation of death is emotional for all parties involved. It’s important to hold this discussion in a comfortable environment with only close family members. These are the ones who will hold the legal responsibility for maintaining your estate and after-life care. If you have pre-planned your funeral, be sure your family members are aware of the funeral home and wishes you made. Pre-planning with a funeral home allows you to personally make the decisions, from choosing your burial service, casket, and any other decisions. This takes the bourdan off family members and allows them to grieve when the time comes. 

If you do want to pre-plan, be sure your family has a clear understanding of your funeral services wishes. At Diehl-Whittaker funeral services, we offer burial and cremation services, allowing you to choose your preferred funeral.

Let Family Members Know Where to Find Documents

Be sure to let family members know where important documents are stored for easy access. This includes deeds, titles, and other necessary forms they will need. Making family members aware of where to find this information will save them time and worry of searching. 

Final Key Points

Remember, this will be a challenging and emotional time for your family. Make it a point to be clear and transparent as possible. Here are some key points to remember when talking to family members about your final wishes:

  • Whether you prefer a burial or cremation service 
  • Any pre-planning arrangements you have made 
  • The type of memorial service you prefer 
  • Details on if you have an insurance policy 
  • The location of where you store important documents 

Diehl-Whittaker is a funeral service in Columbus, Ohio who makes every effort to reflect the quality of your loved one’s life. 

The care your family deserves, at a cost your family can afford. 

Contact us today for burial packages, cremation packages, and pre-planning assistance. 

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