Why Pre-Plan?


While death is always difficult to discuss, taking simple steps to pre-planning your funeral may ease the pain and stress of survivors. Pre-planning your funeral can be completed at any time and offers many advantages. Making the decision to pre-plan your funeral arrangements not only takes the financial and logistical responsibility off your family members, but gives you an opportunity to plan the funeral service you prefer. This includes burial packages, casket selection, cremation packages, and more. When pre-planning your funeral services with Diehl-Whittaker, our staff will guide you through each step to ensure your needs are met.


Provide Peace of Mind for Family Members

Funeral arrangements made at the time of death often come with high emotions, as the time frame is short and grieving process begins. When left with unknown funeral wishes, family members may disagree on the funeral decisions. Perhaps relatives are torn between burial services or cremation? Would the deceased have preferred an open casket or closed? How much money should be spent on the funeral arrangements?  Pre-arranging your funeral service relieves your family from the challenging decision-making pressure during a time of anguish and confusion. Peace of mind can be restored knowing all the details are in place, allowing friends and family to celebrate the life lost rather than feeling overwhelmed.


Choose a Funeral Arrangement That Suits Your Wishes

Funeral preparations are a deeply personal choice. Pre-planning is a time to discuss your specific preferences for the arrangement of your remains and funeral service you desire. Perhaps you prefer a burial package followed with specific readings and hymns at the memorial service. Pre-arranging eliminates second-guessing, and reduces the possibility of emotional family disagreements about what your preferences are. You will be assured that what you want will be carried out as planned. Deihl-Whittaker is here to assist whichever arrangement suits your wishes.


Protect Yourself from Rising Funeral Service Prices

When planning a funeral with Diehl-Whittaker, we make it a point to offer care your family deserves, at a cost your family can afford. Although we stand by this value, it is important to protect yourself from rising funeral service prices. The lack of life insurance or adequate savings is often a major cause of additional stress for families who have lost a loved one. When you choose the Funeral Service Protection Plan, you’re buying funeral insurance! By purchasing funeral insurance now, you can eliminate future uncertainty and stress. It costs only a few dollars a week, there are no credit checks or medical exams, and funeral insurance guarantees the cost of mortuary services you choose against future increases. And, if the worst happens, it will pay for the service you’ve arranged, even if you haven’t completed the scheduled payments (after a two-year limited benefit period).

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