Collecting a Life Insurance Policy when Death Occurs

The sadness and grief that comes along with death can often overshadow loose ends that still remain, such as dealing with financial and legal factors of the survivors. It’s common for important matters to get pushed to the side during the grieving process. Although it may feel difficult to prioritize these business matters, the decedent's final wishes bring a sense of responsibility in ensuring they carried out in a timely manner. When you are a beneficiary, learn how to collect life insurance policy when death has occurred. 

Why Claim Life Insurance Benefits?

Claiming benefits from a life insurance policy provides the survivor with funds after the family member’s death. These funds can be used to help pay for the funeral service, to maintain a high quality of life, or to tie up the deceased affairs. One must be titled as the beneficiary to receive more information on the life insurance policy. The beneficiary should begin the process of collecting life insurance as soon as possible after the death. 

How to start the process of claiming a life insurance policy:

Let the Insurance Company Know

Although this seems obvious, it’s important to let the insurance company where the deceased held the policy know about the death as soon as possible. When contacting the insurance company, you will need to have these documents:


  • Copy of Death Certificate. The insurance company will require a certified copy of the deceased’s original death certificate. The death certificate can be received from the funeral home. 
  • Copy of Insurance Policy. If not discussed prior to the death, find the deceased's life insurance policy to send a copy to the insurance. If you are having trouble finding the policy, explain this to the insurance provider and they will verify the policy. 


Complete a Claim

In some cases, the insurance provider may have you complete a claim or fill out additional forms to protect against insurance fraud. 

Claiming Life Insurance Benefits

Claiming life insurance benefits is not as complex as it may seem. If the decedent owes any amount of debt, the beneficiary is required to use the insurance money to pay off the amount owed. If you find yourself confused on the policy, speak with the life insurance provider to understand the policy amount and details that follow. 

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