Questions About Cremation

We’ve provided a list of answers to questions we frequently receive regarding our services and other activities related to funerals. If you don't see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to give you more information and clarify any of your concerns.


When a death occurs, what should I do?

If the death occurred in a medical facility (hospital or nursing home), instruct the facility to call the funeral service of your choice. If the death occurs in a residence, notify the appropriate authority (hospice nurse, police, or paramedic).

Who can authorize cremation?

The legal next of kin or legally designated agent can authorize the cremation. In cases where there are multiple next of kin, ALL such persons must authorize the cremation. For additional information or special circumstances concerning this issue, please contact us for assistance prior to death.

Can I view the deceased prior to cremation?

Yes. A private viewing can be arranged, on a limited basis, for family members. For those decedents who have suffered trauma, or on whom an autopsy has been performed, embalming may be required.

When making arrangements, what do I need to take to the funeral home?

When you come to the funeral home, it will be helpful to bring certain information with you. If you like, you can download and fill out the Personal Information Form ahead of time. This will allow our staff to enter your information quickly.

Where do the cremations take place?

In one of several local independent commercial crematories, licensed by the State of Ohio (just as burials are done in independent local cemeteries).

Can I witness the cremation?

Yes, by special arrangement. However, because of scheduling and insurance issues, the crematory will charge an additional fee.

How long does it take to complete the cremation and get the ashes back?

We strive to complete the cremation as quickly as possible; however, the process is dependent on the signatures required by the next of kin authorizing cremation, the signature of the attending physician on the death certificate, and the procurement of the required permit from the local health department. This usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 business days.

When can we have a memorial service?

One of the benefits of cremation is that you can plan a memorial service at your convenience. Because there is no body present, there is no need to rush to meet any deadlines; the service can be 3 days or 3 weeks after death.

Will you place an obituary in the newspaper?

Yes! We will happily place the obituary in the newspaper at a cost no greater than it would be for you to place the obituary yourself.

What are my payment options, and when is payment due?

We accept cash, cashier’s checks, all major credit cards, and the assignment of verified life insurance policies. Tribute Loan financing (monthly payment option) is available to families whose credit is approved. Payment is due, or financing must be secured, before service is rendered.

Can I pre-pay for your services?

Absolutely! Pre-payment can be done as a single payment, or in monthly installments.

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